Get 5 seats of Code Reviewer for $5

I’ve never posted commercial crap about “special offers” or other thinly-veiled advertisements, but considering this one is from my own company, and considering it is really is pretty awesome, I wanted to share.

This week only — July 13-17 — you can buy 5 seats of our Code Reviewer software for peer code reviews for just $5.

No feature limitations, no “timing out after 1 year,” with full tech support and upgrades.

Go here for details and to purchase.

Here’s the coolest part: All the proceeds are going to a struggling startup. So you’re not just getting software essentially for free, you’re funding another startup.

Consider this our stimulus package for small groups of software developers and one lucky startup!

(Drop me a line if you know of a startup that deserves the prize: jason [dot] cohen [at] smartbear [dot] com)

Please spread the word if you agree this should be shared with your 20,000 closest Twitter friends. :-) In fact, if you want to Tweet, here’s some text you could use:

$5 for 5 users of Code Reviewer – online peer code review tool. July 13-17 only.  Pls RT!


  • I read your blog, but have never had much of an interest in your company’s products. I’m the only developer in my department so code review is an oxymoron. But $5 for 5 seats compared to $289 for one seat? whoa! It’s almost a free trial. I might just have to give it a try… even if I’m reviewing my own code.

  • Wonderful offer thank you! I just purchased and Tweeted. Just sorry I saw it on Friday afternoon! Hope you get more takers this afternoon!

    Can’t wait to have a look…

  • mlgreen8753

    That’s great and for a cool cause. Hope the start-up company works out ok for you. Advertising this product for such an irresistable price should help.