We Won the Jolt Award!

For those of you who don’t spend 80% of your lives in front of a compiler, the Jolt Award is the Oscar of the software development world.

Code Collaborator just won the 18th annual Jolt Award in the category of “Collaboration Tools.” We beat out some excellent competition including Atlassian’s Confluence and JetBrains’ TeamCity.

Now, before you ask…

Yes, that’s a real 24-ounce can of Jolt soda.

No, Jolt is still in business and still sells the cans in some places.

No, real soda would explode in the process of being encased in Lucite, so the can is tapped, drained, and pumped full of silicon, which makes the whole thing really heavy.

90 grams of sugar.

Yes, I’ll report back on how winning the award affected our web traffic and download numbers.

The thanks goes to everyone at Smart Bear for not only creating an incredibly successful product, but treating our customers so well that our message becomes news and a story and not just another product at another company.