LARGE x RARE == DIFFERENT: Why scaling companies is harder than it looks


Something interesting happens when you run more than 1,000 servers, as we do at WP Engine.

Suppose I told you that on average our servers experience one fatal failure every three years. The kernel panics (the Linux equivalent of the Blue Screen of Death), or both the main and redundant power supply fails, or some other rare event that causes outage. Does that sound like a bad batting average?

Think about the laptops and desktops you’ve owned. Some last longer than others, but it’s probably something like 2-4 years before the OS locks up or a battery can’t hold a charge anymore. Now consider your laptop is idle the vast majority of the time, whereas our servers are getting pounded multiple times per second, 24/7. Even in the wee hours of American timezones when our pan-company traffic dips to its nadir, we’re running malware scanners, off-site backups, and other maintenance.

So, even if our servers are more hardy than your MacBook Pro, they’re taking 100x the beating, so one failure every three years seems pretty reasonable.

Windows NT crashed.
I am the Blue Screen of Death.
No one hears your screams.
–Haiku from FSF

But remember, we have 1,000 servers. Three years is about 1,000 days. So that means, on average, every single day we have a fatal server error.

Not to mention 10 minor incidents with degraded performance, or a DDoS attack somewhere in the data center affecting our network traffic, or some other thing that sets pagers a-buzzing in our Tech Ops team and mobilizes our Customer Support team to notify and help customers.

“Well sure,” you say, “that’s normal as you grow. If you had just 10 servers and 100 customers, you’d have much fewer problems and many fewer employees. Today you have more customers, more servers, and more employees. What’s so hard about that?”

The insight is that that scale causes rare events to become common. Things happen with 2000 servers that you literally never once saw with 50 servers, and things which used to happen once in a blue moon, where a shrug and a manual reboot every six months was in fact an appropriate “process,” now happen every week, or even every day.

Things as rare as, well, you know…


Also, it’s not just problems that morph with scale, but your ability to handle problems morphs too.

For example, a dozen minor and major events every day means 20-50 customers affected every day. Now consider what happens as we try to inform 50 customers. For some we won’t have current email addresses, so they don’t get notified. Some of those will notice the problem and create extra customer support load at minimum, but at worst they’ll post on Twitter about how their website was slow today and WP Engine didn’t even know it. Then our social media team has to piece all this together, attempt to respond, maybe put together a special phone call with that customer, etc..

Or, consider the scale-ramifications of on-boarding 1,000 new customers a month. In that case, it’s likely that any given server issue can affect a customer who has only been with us for 30-60 days. Thus the issue causes a “bad first impression,” which is harder to address than a customer who has been with us for three years and therefore has built up a “bank account of patience.”

All of these aspects of the “solution” side of the process is affected by the same rule of rare events happening regularly, and causing much more work to solve than when the company was small.

The usual response to this is “automate everything.”

As with most knee-jerk responses, there’s truth in it, but it’s not the whole story.

Sure, without automated monitoring we’d be blind, and without automated problem-solving we’d be overwhelmed. So yes, “automate everything.”

But some things you can’t automate. You can’t “automate” a knowledgable, friendly customer support team. You can’t “automate” responding to a complaint on social media, which as our Twitter meister Austin Gunter says is usually a customer’s last resort and thus should always be treated as the very legitimate issue that it is. You can’t “automate” the recruiting, training, rapport, culture, and downright caring of teams of human beings who are awake 24/7/365, with skills ranging from multi-tasking on support chat to communicating clearly and professionally over the phone to logging into servers and identifying and fixing issues as fast as (humanly?) possible.

And you can’t “automate” away the rare things, even the technical ones. By their nature they’re difficult to define, hence difficult to monitor, and difficult to repair without the forensic skills of a human engineer.

Does this mean all our customers have a worse experience? No, just the opposite. Any one customer of ours has fewer problems per month today than a year ago, because we’re constantly improving our processes, automation, hardware, human service, etc.. It’s when you look across the entire company, and the non-linear additional effort it takes to not just improve the average experience, but to manage the worst-case experience, that you appreciate the difficulties.

Does that give high-scale companies like WP Engine an excuse to have problems? No way! In fact, if we’re not constantly improving on all fronts, the scale itself will catch up and overtake us, so we have to adhere to the laws of automation and diligence even more than smaller, slow-growing ones.

But for those of you in the earlier stages of your companies, when you project 5x growth coupled to just 5x the costs (or only 3x the costs because you’ll get cost-savings at scale), you’re guessing low. When you show 5x growth in projections but don’t budget for new hires in areas like security, technical automation, specialized customer service areas, and managers and executives who have trod this path before and come battle-hardened with play-books on how to tackle all this, you’re heading for an ugly surprise.

And with high growth, the surprise appears quickly, and recovery means acting twice as fast again to claw back ahead of the effect.


23 responses to “LARGE x RARE == DIFFERENT: Why scaling companies is harder than it looks”

  1. Great post. Mo Scaley, Mo problems. Great opportunity for enterprise software startups: Lead with product to support automation, support with service to enhance the customer’s experience (and create maximum value.) Sidebar: Is Twitter Meister on Austin’s bcard? Does he even have bcards? :-)

  2. Ideally, any one server should be able to crash and burn and zero customers should be affected. No one piece of hardware should be important enough to cause any downtime. Hardware needs to be redundant and the entire network should be fault tolerant. It’s fine if one in 1,000 servers goes down on any given day, it’s not fine if your network topology is not designed to handle that seamlessly.

    • It’s a *lot* more complicated than that. For example, often a failure isn’t “going down,” but some kind of degradation that’s harder to detect and act on. Also remember that all our customers run their own code — it’s not one codebase that we control — which means any behavior you see in terms of slowness or even outright failures could be caused by code rather than any problem with infrastructure, which makes diagnosing infrastructure-related issues more tricky.

  3. Listen, I love this blog. It’s one of my few must-reads. But this post sounds so much like self-congratulating, look at us and our big-boy problems. Very little actual content. Read a high-scalability blog post if you want to see what actual insight into scalability reads like. Very disappointing this post…

    • “Read a high-scalability blog post if you want to see what actual insight into scalability reads like.”

      I don’t think that’s what this post was aiming for though. I think it meant to broadly describe what dealing with scale problems can be like, so that startup founders not yet there don’t get unrealistic expectations about how easy it will be to deal with growth.

    • Thank you for your frank criticism.

      This was written in reaction to a startup I’m in investor in who is (hopefully!) about to enter this phase of their business, and who was not including and appreciating the costs and investments they will need to make, and thus building an unreasonable plan to take to Series B investors.

      This is a distillation of what I told them, of course using WP Engine as an example, since we’re about 2 years into this phase. That’s why at the end I caution other startups — in my mind I was still speaking to them.

      However, I do appreciate your take on it — you’re right it could also sound like we’re just boasting.

      I agree about reading a high-scalability blog — or really *book* — around *solving* technical scale, which of course this post and this blog isn’t for. But there’s also the people and process scale, don’t forget! And in both cases, reading will take you only so far — I don’t know of any company that went through high scale that didn’t have challenges and problems. It’s just hard!

      I’m trying to warn startup leaders entering this phase that it’s going to be hard in ways that are difficult to prepare for, and thus they need to assume they’ll be over-investing in people and technology. Sometimes (often?), they don’t.

  4. This post made my day.
    It basically means that smaller hosting company have less costs per sale hence they can be more profitable.
    I’ve always thought a restaurant can remain small and profitable, but an hosting business has to scale to remain in business.
    After this post I’m glad to learn that also an hosting business can remain small, and still be profitable.

    • You are correct, assuming you’re charging enough. Meaning, if your prices are too low, you need so many customers to be profitable, that then you need the scale to support them, which costs more, etc etc., until you have significant scale. That’s the trap of the shared hosting companies.

      But if you’re able to charge a premium because you’re genuinely providing a premium service, then you’re right that you might not need scale to be profitable, and that can be an extremely happy place to be indeed!

  5. Again: scale causes rare events to become regular. Isn’t this a good thing? Once you reach a certain scale the black swans all even out and it becomes part of the regular process. Whereas for smaller shops the black swans are major irritants that cause disruption of process.

  6. Coming from a data center, hosting business that is transitioning to being a cloud provider – I applaud the spirit of this article. I appreciate this perspective on growth, I also think it can apply to mature organizations. Especially those who have become complacent and need to be reminded of what it was like to scale and grow. Even mature hosting companies need reminding from time to time that it takes ongoing investments in both infrastructure and talent to scale – and with scale there can be growing pains.

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