• http://gundy.org Gabriel Gunderson

    Ditto on the love of country, thanks for good people and gratitude for great parents!

    Happy Thanksgiving

  • http://www.eco-diamond.com Jason

    Nice post. This Thanksgiving I want to give thanks to my twin brother Anthony. He is an inspiration to me. His dedication, intelligence, and honesty make me want to be a better person, and I can’t wait to see him this week.

  • http://www.redcort.com/ Keith DeLong

    Jason, I really appreciate the encouragement to express thankfulness to people rather than just existentially contemplating it. Can I add an encouragement that goes back to the original Thanksgiving idea — that is to communally and verbally express thanks to God for his kindness to us his creation? I know it’s not politically correct to bring up God, but why not? A good majority of people believe in a creator.

    So as I express thanks to my parents, my wife and my kids, I’ll also verbally express thanks to the maker of all that we enjoy! Happy Thanksgiving.

    • http://www.findingthegear.com David Gehring

      I echo Keith’s sentiment. I think Thanksgiving can certainly feel hollow unless we give thanks to God or Adonai or Allah…someone/something outside our system of self congratulations. I’m giving thanks to God and his son Jesus this year, and I stand beside my friends thanking Adonai and Allah as well.

  • http://qapacity.com Ina

    Nice thought and nice post, Jason : )
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  • http://www.formation-mac.fr depannage mac paris

    nice blog , ty for all this informations

  • http://www.straysoft.com Stray__Cat

    I’m not in the US so no holiday for me but Happy Thanksgiving to Jason and to all the visitors
    .-= Stray__Cat’s latest blog post: Feature spotlight: query synchronization =-.

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  • http://www.christianlouboutinfashion.com james

    I should give more love to my children, bless their health.

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