Tidbits from New Hampshire

Please. Think of the kittens.

Nuggets from the news networks’ coverage of the New Hampshire primaries as it unfolded:

Hiliary Clinton bowing out of the next few primaries would guarantee four defeats in a row.

Analysis at its best. Thanks Fox. Why were they even discussing that?

Clinton’s flashes of sadness and anger have brought her candidacy a raw authenticity that her aides for years have struggled to manufacture.

Can you manufacture authenticity? Is it bad that “sadness and anger” is the proof that Clinton is “authentic?”

[From Obama’s Camp] New Hampshire was Hillary’s to lose. Her roots run deep here. As the underdog, anything close to a win by Obama is a victory that will carry into Michigan and Nevada.

[From Clinton’s Camp] Anything that’s even close to a win is a victory. Barak was up on the polls several days ago, so if the results are close it’s because Hillary won the debates, which shows she has the momentum going into Nevada and South Carolina.

Heads I win, tails you lose.

And finally:

America is the greatest country in the world, and not just because of our beautiful landscape, but because of the American people.

  • Hey Jason! It’s great to read the witty musings of “the same old Jason.” You haven’t changed! (that’s a good thing). -Carrie