Ask your startup questions on OnStartups Answers

I’m giddy about this new project!

Dharmesh Shah of OnStartups started a new website for entrepreneurs, and he graciously invited me to co-moderate the site.

OnStartups Answers is a new site where you can ask any question about startups: Starting, ideas, raising money, going alone, co-founders, marketing, hiring, shoestring budgets, accounting, sales people, cold-calling, technical talent, what to do when you’re burned out…. anything.

It’s awesome, and it’s not just a “forum” or a “community” or some other generic crap like that.  Here’s why:

Other entrepreneurs answer the questions, and a vote-based “reputation system” ensures that good answers “bubble up” and highlights people who consistently produce good questions and answers.

Among those people already contributing awesome questions and answers are well-known successful entrepreneurs and investors including:

I’m honored and thrilled that Dharmesh asked me to co-host Answers, but what’s really fun is that we all get to meet new people, hear new ideas, and get questions answered quickly.

After all, the Internet is huge, but somehow it manages to be an echo chamber.  In theory we have direct access to everyone with an email address, but in practice the ocean is too big to find new people we like and trust.

So it’s exciting to think that, in our little way, we’re building a place where you can get quality, varied answers to questions about startups, and get to know some new people who you would have otherwise never have met.

Besides, how cool is it to get your question answered directly by Joel Spolsky?

I hope to see you on the site!  Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Here’s that link again:

P.S. Those of you familiar with StackOverflow will notice that this is a StackExchange site, built on the same platform.  It’s been interesting being on the administrative side of building the site and bootstrapping the community; let me know in the comments if you want me to write about the experience.