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[UPDATE: The poll is now closed.  Thanks to everyone who voted!]

This blog — A Smart Bear — is a finalist in the 2008 Weblog Awards for “Best Business Blog” and together we can win!

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This is David vs. Goliath — most of the blogs on the list are much more widely known than my humble operation, so its inevitable that they’ll get lots of votes.

And while folks like Seth Godin deserve all their success, this is a chance for the little guy to get recognized too.  I hope you’ll help this little guy with 10 seconds of your time.

I know how much those 10 seconds mean to you. Anyone who has worked for themselves appreciates the value of time. Not only that, here I am hoping you’ll vote once daily until polls close on Jan 13, which means I’m injecting a daily task into your already overfull calendar. (That sound you hear is undying thanks floating your way…)

Of course any other way you can spread the word would be even more fantastic — maybe Twitter that you’re voting or update your Facebook or LinkedIn profile. Any kind of shout-out can only help!

This blog is already an amalgamation of my experience and yours — your thoughts from comments and emails and from me reading your blogs as well. It would be a victory for all of us small business folks and potential startup owners.

Go David!

  • You’ve definitely got my (repeated) vote ! Congratulations for being nominated!!!

  • Jason

    Thanks Kathy, you’re the best!