LinksFor.Us: Track links to your blog for free

I’ve wanted this service for a while, so over the Christmas break I built it. Now you can use it too, for free:


LinksFor.Us gives you link-sharing stats for any web page.

  • Every time posted on Reddit, votes up and down, the subreddit, number of comments
  • Every time posted to Digg: votes, comments, categories, titles, descriptions
  • bookmark count, with tag list
  • Mixx and Sphinn stats
  • Twitters of the link plus the TinyURL and several other shortened forms.

It’s fun for bloggers because you can monitor how your posts are doing, whether new comments have been written, and which link-sharing sites are working for you.

It’s fun for snooping/research because you can see how other people’s posts are doing.  See which link-sharing sites work best for other bloggers in your space — maybe you should be concentrating on those too!

It’s useful for businesses because you can track who’s talking about your company website or blog.

This is a transparent project, meaning that I’m going to be posting about its stats, how it’s promoted, which marketing techniques work, and the technology behind it.

So give it a try! And please spread the word.

Comments?  Ideas?  Let’s talk about it!

  • Nice… although I just checked my blog, and I’ve only got ONE reference anywhere. Boo Hoo…

  • Jeff

    This seems to work well for any URL, not just blogs – Thanks!