Joy of Honesty in Business: A 5-part Series

Surely you’re sick of the “be honest; be genuine” mantra of modern social media advice.

I get it, but I feel that something’s missing. It’s not enough to make it a conversation and have passion. Honesty isn’t just about admitting when you’re wrong or making your feature request system public.

That’s transparency, not honesty.

I’m talking about full-monty exposure. Stuff like telling your employer that you have a business on the side, admitting that you’re the only one answering the phone, and realizing that the little white lies you tell your customers prevent you from owning your niche.

The Joy of Honesty in Business Series appears in five parts:

  1. Discount Gambit
    How honesty in pricing leads to more profit and simpler transactions.
  2. Starting up while employed: Admit it
    How being honest with your current employer makes it easier to get a new startup off the ground.
  3. Differentiate yourself through honesty
    How the rareness of honesty can make you stand out from competitors.
  4. How to convert shortcomings into competitive advantages
    How being honest about your disadvantages allows you to claim new advantages.
  5. How to get customers who forgive you when you screw up
    How honest relationships and admitting mistakes can so endear you to your customers, they’ll love you despite your faults.

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