Guest Post Guidelines

I occasionally run guest posts; if you want to write one, here’s the rules.

My readers have been clear that they come here for quality content (not quantity), long-form writing (not 600 words of trivial bullet points), for entrepreneurial perspective (not product pitches), and for my taste in topics, especially “behind the scenes” admissions of agony, humiliation, and mortifying unease.

You’ve got a good one? Here’s how to get published.

Submitting a guest post

  1. Check out previous posts like this one and this one. They have to be that good.
  2. Have the post fully written before you contact me. That means associated pictures (with optional caption), text styling (e.g. bold or bullet points), and appropriate length and grammar. If it sounds like I’m shoving all the labor on you to make it trivial for me to post it, that’s because I’m shoving all the labor on you to make it trivial for me to post it.
  3. In your email, attach a plain-Jane HTML file and separate images. No Word® or PDF™ or iWork® Pages®.
  4. Most submissions are not be accepted. I don’t need the mental anguish of telling kind folks things like “Your writing isn’t good enough.” Don’t take it to actually mean you’re not good enough, just assume your post simply not a good fit for this blog.
  5. If your submission isn’t accepted, try elsewhere! This blog is my voice with occasional interludes, but there are loads of blogs driven completely by guest posts. Try one of those!


6 responses to “Guest Post Guidelines”

  1. What about articles from start up folks outside of technology & software fields? Would these still be potential candidates for publication? Thanks!

    • Yes! In fact I’m especially interested in that because it’s outside my own sweet spot, and I know a lot of folks reading this blog are not technophiles.

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