Audio Interlude

Recently Fred Castaneda over at the Struggling Entrepreneur Podcast has been (literally) giving voice to some of my ideas.

You can go there for the podcast (or mp3) of Why you have to engage in social media and Starting a Business isn’t crazy.

Of course you’re probably more interested in content you haven’t seen, such as Fred’s interview with Jay Ehret of The Marketing Spot Blog where they talked about the transition from corporate day-job to part-time small business to full-time entrepreneur.

What you didn’t know is that I also did an interview (mp3) on the travails of starting Smart Bear where I continued the recent trend of talking about the ugly, hard side of small business while giving specific advice on how to persevere.

My question to you, dear reader: Would you like to see more audio? Or is text good enough? Are audio versions of posts useful to you? Would you like more interviews or is that overdone?

Let me know by leaving a comment.

P.S. Yes, I get the irony of asking if you want to “see” more audio.  :-)

  • Roy

    I prefer text. It’s highly unlikely I would listen to audio posts.

  • mog

    I agree with Roy…
    I think I’ve listened to 1 audio post from a blog so far… The thing is that you can’t really "scan" an audio post, you can’t skip some "sentences" easily without losing context… and English isn’t my first language so I can have some problems to understand 100% of an audio post. Same thing with video posts

  • Audio is pretty neat, I can listen to it on my way to and from work to inspire me… They do need to be long enough, maybe 15 min worth IMO.

  • billdotd

    I drive between 15-20 hours a week. For me audio is the absolute best way to consume information. Its hard to drive and read (or watch).

    More audio please!

  • Aron Grinshtein

    I am going to second Roy and mog. I prefer text. I never ever listen to audio.

  • Richard

    I’ve recently started listening to a lot more tech podcasts. They’re great entertainment for commuting. My eyes aren’t getting any younger so I like to think I can save them by listening instead of reading.

  • Another blog that I follow regularly has been posting audio links for quite some time in addition to its written posts. And, as much as I look forward to the text, I have to confess that I’ve never listened to a single audio post. Yes, I’ve thought about listening and I’ve planned to listen, but I just never quite get around to it!

  • I would also prefer text. As a person from Eastern Europe I never understood the obsession about podcasts and audiobooks in the States. Are there people who prefer listening even when they don’t travel?

  • Allen

    I prefer text. If audio is posted, I probably won’t listen to it, but will likely read transcripts.

  • Klaire

    I like text. Audio seems slow and inefficient for me.

  • Jason

    Thanks everyone for chiming in!

    Sounds like the consensus is: Never stop making text the focal point, but it could be nice if audio repeats the text or is used to supplement.

  • K

    Audio is too slow, unskimmable, not random access, not searchable.

  • yeah, that’s too slow, i cannot access it
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