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    The translation came out in weird hyroglyphics, but your message came through loud and clear. Far too often the messenger gets shot, and not enough times does the poor messenger get thanked, that much is a fact.

    However, the quality of the messengers delivery of the message is clearly key to how the message gets received, and even less than desirable news can actually be made palatable by a good delivery by the messenger…..hmmm, you really got me thinking now!!!

  • Caroline

    I think this post has a very valid point: “It’s the messenger, not the message, that makes the experience wonderful.” I feel as though too many people lack this concept.

    Take SXSWi for example. You get bombarded with all this information from employees who seem to have just memorized their homepage and know fact after fact of what their product does. However, it just seems too scripted and lacks personable interaction. Frankly, I would like to see more genuine passion and less bull.

    Oh and I’m glad you loved 비빔밥, it’s one of my favorites too. :)

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