• Kathy Sierra

    I am so looking forward to being back at BOS! And, like you, I am staying for the whole thing. There are only two events I have ever been to where this is the case: Webstock New Zealand and BOS. Yes, one can watch the videos and write-ups of the conference later, but this is one of those rare conferences where each topic is more fully explored by participants *after* the talks, adding richness and depth.

    I’m a major introvert and tend to hide out in the green room or listen to taks from back stage. But here — as in Webstock — the level of discussion is simply too compelling for me to miss. I learned more at BOS (and came away more inspired) than I could have imagined, and I say that after more than two decades of attending tech conferences world-wide.

    And now I’m happy to know that when I’ve finished my talk, I get to listen to you :)

    • http://blog.asmartbear.com Jason Cohen

      Likewise. Like a million people I’ve been an admirer from afar and it will be great to meet you in person.

  • http://patrickfoley.com/about Patrick Foley

    Best. Conference. Ever.
    I’m taking vacation days and spending my own $ this year … if you’re hedging, try airbnb to save money (and consider rooming with somebody).
    See you there!

  • http://www.thebln.com/blog marklittlewood

    Thanks Jason. Hugely appreciated and some lovely comments too. We try really hard to make BoS something very special for people. We don’t have sponsors to keep happy, we don’t have panels and we don’t measure the success of the conference based on the number of speakers. Our single customer is the paying attendee. We try to pick awesome people with intelligent things to say.

    It means a huge amount to me (I run Business of Software) for you to say such lovely things. Do come on over the the BusinessofSoftware website and see what is planned. It loads pretty quick as we switched it to a really cool hosting company called WP Engine this year.

    The price rises by $100 this weekend (and the Conference Hotel rate is only guaranteed until next Monday) so if you do want to come, get in quick.

    As a small extra thank you, incentive and basic bribe to book quick, use the code SmartBear20 and save 20% on current price if you register by Labor Day (September 3rd).

  • http://www.mechanicalrobotfish.com/ Michael F. Booth

    +1 to your original working title. ;) And very much looking forward to BoS; I’ve only gone once but have been missing it all year since.

  • Daniel

    Hi Jason, we signed up yesterday for a professional account (huridocs) paying for one year ni advance, close to 900 USD. We got the welcome email with the login details. Problem is that the account doesn’t work, and the support system doesn’t even recognize us. So we’re stuck.

  • http://www.HubSpot.com Dharmesh Shah

    Look forward to seeing you — and all the other attendees at BoS again this year.

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