• http://www.balsamiq.com Peldi

    Thanks so much for the interview Jason! If anyone has any other questions, I’ll be checking the comments here for the next few days at least.

  • http://aditya.sublucid.com Aditya

    Great post, Jason! Thank you.


    Not sure if you’ve covered this on your blog, but what made you move back to Italy to start and work on balsamiq full-time? Why not do it in SF when you were already there?

  • http://www.thetrackster.com Craig

    Really good interview. Love to see more like these.

  • http://milestoneinc.com Michael Scepaniak

    Thank you for this interview. I look to the point at which I stumbled upon Peldi’s blog last Fall as the moment I truly gained clarity as far as what I really want to do with my life and career. It’s all been downhill (uphill?) from there.

    I especially appreciate Peldi revisiting his post about how a startup can launch and get press. Golden. It’s especially nice given that Peldi doesn’t post all that much anymore about behind-the-scenes start-up issues anymore. I understand why that is (only so much time in a day), but I miss it. A remarkable story, regardless. Thanks.


  • Robert

    I applaud you for launching the uncommon interview, but Peldi responded to the first question with vanilla, so I did not complete the article.

  • http://www.balsamiq.com Peldi

    @Aditya – I talk about it a bit here http://is.gd/3iBsT – in short, I wanted to move closer to my family and I couldn’t afford to not have any salary while living in San Francisco.

    @Mike – I’ll try to post more, promise.

    @Robert – vanilla? Vanilla??? Which part exactly? :) I pour my heart in the answer and all that comes out is vanilla? I’m depressed now… ;)

  • david doull

    I didnt think the first response was vanilla – no idea what Robert is talking about.
    I’ve enjoyed Peldi’s blog and have been directly inspired by some of the posts – specifically the one about giving away your product to non-profits.

    I’d like to ask Peldi, given that AIR lets you provide download versions for Mac and linux as well as PC – has he found that to be worthwhile – does he get a significant % of Mac users (and any Linux ones)

    thanks David

  • http://www.balsamiq.com Peldi

    Hi David, thanks for the kind words. I don’t keep track of the OS used by customers, so the closest approximation I have is the visitors to balsamiq.com: http://skitch.com/balsamiq/b9ph1/osdistribution – being cross-platform is essential in my mind, why would you want to limit your customer base to only one OS, when it’s so easy to go cross-platform these days? :)

  • http://www.recessapp.com Vitaliy Levit

    Peldi, thanks for sharing the awesome advice. We (Recess Mobile startup) have been using balsamiq religiously for our mockups and it has been compoundingly helpful. Let me know if you could use some help with your adwords and analytics tracking and ROI calculation. I will gladly return the favor to the balsamiq team.

    All the best and looking forward to all your future posts!
    Vitaliy Levit

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